Stop to Refuel Each Day!

Stop to Refuel Each Day!

To overcome the overwhelm that comes with the pressures of daily life and the multiple roles we must play each day, we need to understand the importance of stopping to refuel daily. Just as we need to stop refuel our cars, we need to do the same for ourselves.

In today’s fast-paced environment, many of us, often without even noticing, tend to continue navigating our daily living with depleted physical, mental, and emotional fuel tanks. In order for us to be able to lead healthy lives, care for our loved ones, and focus on our various tasks, we need to refuel all three of these each and every day.

Refueling can take on different forms, and many accomplish it through different means (and maybe without a conscious thought).

Here are some methods you can use to refuel:

Wake up early and spend some time alone: By far, this is the most effective method for a recharge. Just fifteen minutes of alone time can help you prioritize and focus on tasks you want to complete during the day.

Incorporate exercise into your daily routine: Exercise has a magical effect on both your mood and your physical health. One hour is equivalent to an anti-depressant pill like “Prozac” and pumps up your ability to face any challenges.

Give yourself space at regular intervals during the day: It doesn’t help so much to stay “on the go”. Allow yourself a moment to focus and mentally prepare before jumping to that next meeting, or that next item on your agenda.

Pamper yourself: Regularly do something you really like but can’t squeeze into your usual daily schedule. It could be getting a massage, watching a funny movie, or simply meeting a friend who makes you feel good about yourself.

Plan a vacation: Knowing that you will have a number of days to catch your breath can help keep you going. “Dangle a carrot”, a big reward, for all that you want to accomplish. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just a plan to spend your time your own way.

There are many other simple and time-efficient techniques we can use to refuel during the day such as deep breathing, taking a relaxing bath, listening to our favorite music, etc. The choices are varied and only take some time for you to identify.

When you don’t regularly stop to refuel, you’ll find yourself adrift in life, risking your health, possibly becoming a nervous wreck or a grump who no one tolerates. Don’t give in to that autopilot of yours. Take the lead and make time to relax a bit. It’s an active choice. If you don’t make it, no one else will do it for you

What are your favorite refueling methods? Why don’t you identify them and use them daily!?

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