EMF Exposure – Why Should You Care and How Can You Protect Yourself?

EMF Exposure – Why Should You Care and How Can You Protect Yourself?

How many times do you look at a screen (laptop, mobile phone, TV) each day? Did you know that there exists a contaminant that no one can see, smell, hear, or touch? One that negatively affects our physical health at a cellular level? An EMF, or electromagnetic field, is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects that can negatively affect our health.

EMFs interfere with our natural resonance. We are designed to resonate in harmony with the earth’s resonance, but our computers, cell phones, smart TVs, and cellular towers are throwing our balance off.

There are four different types of EMFs that have been linked with adverse health effects:
  1. Radio Frequency (RF): cell phones, cordless phones, wi-fi, Bluetooth devices, satellites, TVs, AM/FM all emit EMF radiation
  2. Magnetic Fields (MF): MRI, chargers for electronics (laptops & smartphones), power lines, and electrical panels
  3. Electrical Fields (EF): power strips, lamps and lighting, and household wiring. The electricity inside the cord of a lamp that’s not even turned ON emits EMF.
  4. Dirty Electricity (DE): fluorescent light bulbs, chargers for electronics, solar panel inverters, dimmer switches, smart TVs, and smart appliances

Every organ in our body relies on electricity and magnetism and every one of our cells can feel EMFs. In a series of studies done in 2009, EMFs have been linked to DNA damage. A different study done in 2012 in which the effects of EMF exposure on the reproductive system were studied, linked EMFs to infertility.

Additionally, EMFs have been associated with increased permeability in the blood-brain barrier against toxins such as mercury, organochlorines, and other pollutants. This allows these toxins to enter the brain and possibly cause various neurodegenerative diseases. One study examined the process in which EMFs could affect the blood-brain barrier and showcased the effects of the increased permeability of the blood-brain on health.

We get up in the morning, go to work, and spend all day in the office – surrounded by all these EMFs – and we feel poorly. We feel tired and exhausted. We’re addicted to indoor living and gadgets, and we’ve forgotten how important nature is. We should be allowed to have technology, but this technology should be safe.

What can we do? A problem well defined is a problem half solved.

In order to limit and minimize any negative effects of EMF on your health, follow these practical steps:
  • Replace your light bulbs with ones that more closely replicate full-spectrum light such as incandescent (old-school light bulbs) because they emit a kind of light that’s closer to the natural light spectrum emitted by the sun. This makes it more compatible with your body. Or use candlelight when it’s possible.
  • Use EMF radiation shields to protect yourself from the possible harm that it could cause. The shields deflect, divert, and absorb the radiation that’s between you and the source. There are several types of shields that you can use. You can carry a portable shield, which is smaller than the size of your mobile phone, wherever you go, or you may attach it at home.

  • Use an external keyboard and mouse to create more distance between you and your computer screen.
  • Try to eliminate sources of EMFs in your home or office as much as possible. Think of Bluetooth devices, wireless burglar alarms, wireless baby monitors, microwaves, and cordless phones.
  • Avoid Bluetooth headphones, use the speaker when you want to talk instead, keep your mobile phone at least 30 centimeters away from your head. Alternatively, use air tube earphones.
  • While you sleep, make sure your mobile is turned off, on an airplane mode, or placed from your head. Keep your mobile phone away from your body and try not to use it in closed-in metal areas, such as in elevators, cars, trains, or planes. Mobile phones draw more power and emit more radiation in enclosed metal spaces.
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi router at bedtime. Always keep it at least 3 meters away from your living spaces.
  • Have a “no technology day” when it’s possible for you.
  • Try to stay away from electricity towers.
  • Use glasses with blue light protection lenses to protect your eyes from blue light emitted by the screens of your mobile phone, TV, laptop, desktop, etc. You can find these glasses at any optician.

  • In the bedroom: Unplug everything (lamps and anything electronic) since they will irradiate electric fields as long as they’re plugged into an electrical outlet, even when turned off. And opt for metal-free bed.
  • In the kitchen: powerful electric motors like mixers, dishwashers, toasters, and microwaves create EMFs. Try to avoid standing right in front of these appliances when they are in use.

  • Last of all, whenever you can, take a break and get out in nature.

Solutions start with awareness. It’s the first step towards the solution and implementation. Following easy, practical, and affordable steps to minimize EMF exposure is definitely a good investment in your health. Start implementing one of the steps until you succeed at making it a habit, and then start with the next one. Minimizing toxins exposure, especially EMF exposure, is a critical step to achieving optimal health.

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