Choose Happiness – Practice Acceptance

Choose Happiness – Practice Acceptance

Say yes to the universe. Choose happiness by learning to practice acceptance.

As I wrote in an earlier article, happiness is an attainable skill that can be cultivated by integrating positive habits and practices. One such practice is acceptance.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” is a famous quote by Dale Carnegie who used it in his book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.” It simply means that when something bad happens, you have three choices: you can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or let it strengthen you.

We all experience pain and injustice in life. Everyone, whether your parent, spouse, child, brother, sister, friend, or a stranger, has lived painful moments varying from sickness, loss of a loved one, betrayal, loss of a job, or hurt and rejection.

It is important to acknowledge, rather than deny or suppress pain. Left unacknowledged, it tends to transform to frustration, anger, or depression, which will affect your life and that of those who surround you. Those who say “no to the universe” usually withdraw from life, choosing to hide under the covers – victims of their denial.

Choose to say YES and accept the experience. Pain is a part of life. Accepting this can help you rise above feelings of fear and victimhood. Be determined and work to create a positive experience with whatever life hands you. This will help you find new meaning, purpose, and spiritual growth. Remember that the world is filled with people who have been handed the worst life has to offer, and yet have come out as winners.

Look for value in everything that happens to you. When faced with a negative experience, accept it, nod your head up and down and say yes. Try then to relax and release any tension in your body. Ask yourself what you can learn from this experience. How you can use it to a positive advantage. Whether looking at it different may help you realize that your life is full and that you are resourceful and blessed.

You may even realize that your problems are gifts of life. That dealing with your past pains actually makes you stronger.

With practice, the day will come when you are no longer a victim of your past experiences. This day will change your life for the better and enable you to help others.

As Neale Walsh states “Life will resolve itself in the process of life itself… let the moment play itself out, try to not push the river. Life knows what it has in mind. Trust life, it is on your side”.

Keep choosing happiness and happiness will keep choosing you back!

To your happiness!

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