Stay Hydrated with These Refreshing Naturally Flavored Waters!

Stay Hydrated with These Refreshing Naturally Flavored Waters!

Water retention. Headache. Fatigue. Constipation. These are all signs of dehydration. Our bodies are made up of 75% water and we should all drink an average of 2-3 liters of water each day to remain hydrated and healthy. However, many of us simply don’t feel like drinking that much plain, bottled water. One way to actually enjoy drinking enough water and staying well hydrated is to drink refreshing, naturally flavored waters.

We drink water without giving it much thought, while drinking water actually has endless benefits for our health and well-being. Water flushes toxins out of our bodies, improves our skin health, aids in digestion, promotes weight loss, and keeps us energized and focused.

Although it is essential to drink water, there are times when it is best avoided.

These are the best time to drink water:
  • Immediately upon waking up to activate your internal organs and flush our toxins
  • 30 Minutes before a meal to aid digestion and prevent overeating
  • An hour after a meal to help absorb the nutrients from the food you ate
  • Before taking a bath to reduce your blood pressure
  • An hour before going to bed because it promotes sleep and helps your body stabilize its hormone, vitamin and nutrient levels
It’s best to avoid drinking water at these times:
  • Right before a meal so it won’t dilute your digestive juices
  • After a long intense workout when its best to replace water with a drink that contains crucial nutrients like potassium and sodium
Drinking water temperature matters

The temperature of the water that you drink can affect your body in different ways. Drinking cold water has been linked to digestive and respiratory problems, as well as migraines. If you have the flu or a cold, drinking cold water can worsen your congestion.

Drinking warm water, on the other hand, can aid digestion and help you get rid of toxins faster.

Naturally-flavored waters are the healthiest alternative

Those of us who don’t care for the taste of plain water, sometimes believe it’s OK to replace water with other liquids, with potentially negative consequences for our health.

Sparkling water can contain up to 11 times more sodium than distilled water. Sodas do not contain any beneficial nutrients and therefore only contribute extra calories and sugar to your diet.

Drinking caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea in moderation is not harmful and can boost your energy. However, too much of such beverages may leave you fatigued and dehydrated.

Naturally-flavored water is a great healthy alternative. Get creative by adding combinations of, for example, lemons, berries, strawberries, mangoes, mint, and cucumbers to your water for a better taste. Don’t forget herbs like rosemary and mint. Use a glass bottle to store your flavored water – plastic bottles have an acetaldehyde lining, which can add a “plastic taste” to drink.

Try these 4 refreshing, naturally flavored water recipes that will make staying hydrated a pleasure:

Cranberry Lemon Water

1 Lemon cut into slices

A handful of cranberries

2 Liters of water

You may add some orange slices for a more citrusy taste

Refrigerate for 15-20 minutes


Cucumber Water

Cut a cucumber in thin slices

Add 2 liters of water

Add ice cubes

Refrigerate for 1 hour


Blueberry Orange Water

2 Liters of water

2 Mandarin oranges cut into slices

A handful of blueberries

Add ice cubes

Refrigerate for 24 hours


Strawberry Mint Water

2 Liters of water

Half a cup of fresh strawberries (cut in half)

Half a cup of mint (cut off the stem)

Refrigerate for one hour


Water is your best bet to stay hydrated. It’s caffeine-free, calorie-free, readily available and inexpensive.

Turn distilled water into something colorful, tasty, and healthy! Try these flavored water recipes that are high in both taste and nutrition.

Do you have similar tasty and healthy recipes that you would like to share with us? Please share them in the comment box below.

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